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Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

AC Repair Pro Fl is the best AC Repair Company in Jacksonville Florida. Our Goal at AC Repair Pro Fl is to make sure that you getright Air Conditioner for your home or office.  There is little doubt that a number of factors should determine the type of Air Conditioner  you choose for your premises. Before choosing an Air Conditioning Company for your home, you need to take several factors into consideration. For example, the overall size of the place including length and width play an important role in the type of Air Conditioner that’ll keep your place chill. For this reason, you’d want to install the AC in your room, lounge or any other place.Our Air Conditioning Company will  make sure you are choosing the best which is AC Repair Pro Fl.  Keeping these factors in mind, you will find a comparison of different ACs that’ll make it easy for you to decide which ones suits your needs best:

Types of ACs

From commercial, industrial to residential, users have many options to choose that perfect AC unit that fit their needs. Here are a few types that will help you keep your place cool and peaceful during summers:

  1. Window type AC units
  2. Split type AC units
  3. Packaged type AC units
  4. Centralized air conditioning solutions

Window type AC

Arguably, this is by far the most common and popular of all types of ACs. Not to mention, these are equally affordable to buy, repair and maintain. The biggest advantage of installing a window type Air Conditioner at your place is that it provides excellent cooling provided your place doesn’t suffer from voltage shortages or fluctuations. Ideally, a window AC should be operated with a power stabilizer that helps keep voltage fluctuation under check. However, these ACs are power hungry and consume a lot of electricity. If you are short on budget and need an urgent, cost effective cooling solution, windows A/C is the right fit for you.

Split Type AC

Split type AC is much more efficient cooling solution when compared to vintage solutions such as windows A/C. Not only your split A/C consumes smaller electricity, you can find one at a pretty reasonable cost too. In recent years, newer units are equipped with inverter based technology that allows to much higher energy efficiency which helps reducing electricity bills.

Centralized Air Conditioning

The centralized type is commonly used at commercial and industrial places such as shopping malls, airports, factories and treatment plants but is not common for residential applications. This is so for a couple of reasons:

  1. They are expensive
  2. They are maintenance heavy

However, these ACs contain an inbuilt energy management system that makes them highly energy efficient. They provide uniform cooling to all parts of the premises. When you require a new cooling solution, or wan to replace an existing one, keep your options, budget, and these features in view. It will help you buy the best deal for your money.