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When it comes to cleaning the vent, choosing the right service can make a world of difference. A good cleaning will provide you excellent service at nominal cost and will assure that your vent works well till the next summer. The same cannot be said for an average cleaning service as it will do ti the opposite way. To protect your vent from such services, here is what you must look for in a vent cleaning service:

Verify authenticity

Firstly, you must ensure that the vent cleaning service you are looking for is verified from National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Since NADCA undertakes many educational and training programs for duct cleaning companies, it is the only authorized body that can do so. When you hire a NACDA certified service, it will ensure that you’ll only get the best and most reliable cleaning services in town.

Make List and Ask for Quotes

Before piling up a list of repairing services, you must ensure not to include unregistered, unqualified services in the list. It would be better to do proper research and inquiries in this regard. This way, you’ll only get registered, educated and reputable companies in your list. For more information, you should call NADCA and inquire about the list of companies that you have piled up. Take your time while inquiring about cleaning services.

Determining between Chemical or Bio Acid cleaning

Once you’ve shortlisted a cleaning service, it is time to determine whether they’ll use chemicals or bio acids for cleaning your duct. This is quite important as both agents can harm you and your family if not properly done. Here is what you must do:

  • If your company plans to use chemicals for cleaning, ask them to show you the product label and instructions. Eventually, it is you who will decide whether to use it for cleaning or not to.
  • If your hired company uses bio acids for cleaning, ask them to show you the product and its ingredients. Keep in mind that some bio acids can be quite harmful to your health. Never allow your cleaning service to use any harmful bio acids for vent cleaning.

While your vent is being cleaned, move your family to some other place. Once the process is completed, you can move them back.